Anacore (kakoona) wrote in piercexme,

my 5mm septum experience

Just to write something here haha

*my english is not the best* well, some new piercer came to the store where I used to work, he said he was highly experienced and he also had a great photo book (surfaces, genitals, unusual and even some scarifications and dermal punch works)... but we needed to see him working, and I decided to be the volunteer to be pierced, as I wanted a medium gauge circular barbell in my septum, and I didn't want to wait for healing and step by step stretching.

well, I was staring at his hands, he wasn't shaking at all while preparing the 2mm needle, septum retainer, taper and stuff... he wasn't shaking until the held the needle to pierce me, I thought that maybe he was a little nervous because he had 5 people watching. I kindly asked everybody to leave the room, but he kept on shaking. I had to hold the retainer myself because he was making me nervous too. The needle passed thru my septum but it was really painful, I was shedding tears and shaking more than him. It was the moment for the taper stretching, I didn't realized that the taper wasn't covered with vaseline, I don't know if he didn't know that or he just forgot to do it because of his lack of experience. my nose was bleeding a lot, my shirt was completely red, I started to feel really nervous and about to get unconcious, I started screaming and my boyfriend came in, he noticed that the taper wasn't lubricated and he finished correctly the work. I got a mouthfull of blood, I heard the noise of the broken tissues of my septum like cric cric cric... I got unconscious and when I woke up the barbell was already there. the "experienced" guy never came back and my boyfriend wanted to beat him for what he did to me, I just wanted to rest for all the rest of the day.

I have genitals, nostrils, navels, a scarification, tragus, bridge, ear plugs and a full sleeve, but I would never do this again, even with a real experienced piercer. Two years later I took off my jewel but I still have a hole there, not too big but I can use a 1.6mm piece whenever I want.

well that's it, I know it's not a great and thrilling story but it is the truth hahah

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